Our First Podcast!

Episode 1 Season 1 Mike Sliwa Interview for CUPIC Series


Welcome to the first episode of this podcast.
We are going to touch on our recent visit to 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest which occurred last month, over Memorial Day weekend. All of the activities that we covered. Along with some news about what’s new in 2019 and the cancellation of Fan Fest.
We’ll talk briefly about some of the stories that we have reported recently on TNC Network page and our video channel.
We are also going to talk to our own Mike Sliwa about the upcoming final season of our web series, CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator. We talk briefly about the history, and his involvement . We will also discuss the future of the CUPIC stories.
Here are some links to our other sites:
Stories This Moment on Blogger: http://storiesthismoment.blogspot.com
CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator: http://www.cactuspix.com/CUPICSeries2/
TNC Network: http://tnc.network